About me

I’m a production artist with a solid background in graphic design and print production. I started as an intern at a small advertisement agency in 2008 and stayed there for 2.5 years. I then attended a university specialized in print and digital production, where I studied art, graphic design, print production, color management, journalistic writing, typography and relevant software.

I have been with two of Gothenburg’s most renowned advertisement agencies and have great experience with everything that comes with that. I am used to work at a fast pace, with short deadlines and have experience of a wide range of projects and clients. Since I moved to Los Angeles last year I have been working as a freelancer and since January full time at Compass where I have been producing print and digital material for real estate agents. 

During my career I have made everything from small banners and ads to large scale events with billboards and more. I have used After Effects and Cinema 4D to make Instagram ads, arena motion graphics, commercials, brand movies, and 3D product visualization. In addition, I have had key roles and been the production artist lead in many large scale projects where efficiency is key, like advanced catalog production, where I have developed new ways to work faster with scripts and GREP, and minimizing room for errors with automated processes.

I view my work as a Production Artist as a craftsmanship and will always continue to develop my skills further by learning new tools, plugins and software.